Innovation Innovation

UFPE is committed to scientific research and investment in innovation. Most graduate programs at the University are ranked at the highest levels by CAPES (Coordination for Improvement of Higher Education Personnel). 

As an incentive to research and interaction, there are almost 600 active research groups at the University, all certified by the National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq) of the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology.

From early in their courses, students are encouraged to undertake scientific research, developing research projects with the aid of a robust program of scholarships. At any one time, UFPE has over 1.000 undergraduate students participating in programs like the Scientific Initiation Scholarship Program (PIBIC) and the Technological Development and Innovation Initiation Scholarship Program (PIBITI).

UFPE  has  over  260  laboratories  in all subject areas and continuously invests in the development of partnerships with private companies and public agencies to boost innovative research. Its aim is to produce results that feed back into society through technology and knowledge.

Below we list a few exemples of our Innovation units. 



The Dean Office for Research and Innovation (PROPESQI) aims to plan and articulate science, technology and innovation (S&I) policies by supporting the training of high-level personnel. 



The Office for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (DINE) is responsible for ensuring that our technical and scientific qualification meets the demands of society. They expect to create a trust-based interaction for the production and the diffusion of knowledge aiming at social progress.

DINE is also a center for technological inovation (NIT) at UFPE, responsible for setting strategic partnerships in the following fields: entrepreneurship, incubation, intellectual property and technology transfer.



UFPE’s Techological and Creativity Hub (Polotec) is an organization managed by DINE and located at our Recife campus.

Polotec is an the industrial, technological and creative environment of the University, characterized by the dominant presence of technology-based startups that have operational links with research at UFPE, with organized human resources, laboratories and equipment and with a predisposition to exchange between the university innovation ecosystem to consolidation, marketing and commercialization of new technologies, in line with the Technological Innovation Law (Law No. 10,973/04).

The hub supports entrepreneurial students and promotes a culture of innovation alongside the academic community.