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13th International Space Syntax Symposium

We are delighted to host the 13th International Space Syntax Symposium (13SSS) in Bergen in Norway from 21th to 25th June 2021, at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. To continue the tradition that has existed for almost 25 years, we are planning another exciting and engaging event.

The aim of the symposium is to bring together scholars, practitioners and students who are currently working on Space Syntax and related approaches all over the world to share knowledge, discuss theories as well as practical applications. We also expect this event will push forward the development of an evidence-based or research-led design methodology.

Following the footsteps of earlier symposia, we look forward to yet another successful Space Syntax symposium and to give you the chance to experience Bergen during midsummer. Bergen city is located at Norway’s beautiful west coast with mountains and fjords.

Space Syntax is both a powerful theory and a model, which could be used to analyse the relationship between human behaviour and spatial morphology. With the increasing influence of big data brought through the fields of urban design and planning, scholars and practitioners around the globe are becoming increasingly aware of the value of Space Syntax. In Norway, too, interest in Space Syntax is on the rise. Therefore, this symposium offers a great opportunity to exchange knowledge on both national and international level between researchers, software developers, practitioners, and teachers from a wide range of disciplines


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Data de início Data de início Data de início: 21 de Junho de 2021, 08:00
Data de término Data de término Data de término: 25 de Junho de 2021, 23:59

Localidade Localidade Localidade: Bergen, Noruega